Previous Programmes

Below is a list of our previous programmes, including a list of speakers. Click on the photograph of the poster or link to get a pdf download of the brochure.

2016 brochure2016 brochure (pdf File)

Speakers: Jamie Andrew, Greg Boswell, Rbin Campbell, Felicity Aston, Andy Kirkpatrick



2015 front cover

 2015 brochure (pdf file)

Speakers: John Porter, David Munro, Jen Randall, Leo Houlding


brochure 20142014 brochure (pdf file)

Speakers: Tim Cope, Martin Moran, Richard Else, Lyle Brotherton, Karen Darke



2013 brochure2013 brochure (pdf file)

Speakers: Hamish McInnes, Matilda Brown, Sandy Allan, Jim Crumley, Kenton Cool



2012 brochure 2012 brochure (pdf file)

Speakers: Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Hamish Brown, Lukasz Warzecha, Julie Summers



2011 brochure2011 brochure (pdf file)

Speakers: Mark Beaumont, Ian R Mitchell, Jonny Hawkins, Peter Habeler



2010 brochure2010 brochure (pdf file)

Speakers: Anni Hogan, Robert Strachan, Cathy O'Dowd, Rich Mayfield, Catherine Destivelle



2009 brochure2009 brochure (pdf)

Speakers: Craig Mathieson, James Pearson. Cameron McNeish and Richard Else stepped in for Catherine Destivelle who was unable to attand at the last minute.



2008 brochure2008 brochure (pdf)

Speakers: Reinhold Messner, Tomaz Humar, Bernadette McDonald, Dave Macleod, Dave Whalley



2007 brochure2007 brochure (pdf)

Speakers: Andy Cave, Borge Ousland, Will Gadd, Marko Prezelj, Stephen Venables



2006 brochure 2006 brochure (pdf)

Speakers: Keith Partridge, Ian R Mitchell and Jack Law, Chic Scott, John Dunn, Karen Darke