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The festival is now over, but I have left some details of the 2013 event to give you an idea of the sort of things we present.




Hamish was a stunt man and safety advisor on the cult film, the Eiger Sanction, which stars Clint Eastwood. This evening, Hamish MacInnes will introduce the film and include a few stories, then we will show the film, The Eiger Sanction. Afterwards, Hamish will take questions from the floor. This is sure to be a session to remember and will definitely make your day.

Hamish MacInnes s a Scottish mountaineer and legend, leading mountain search and rescuer, author and advisor. He is the leading Scottish winter mountaineer of the generation following W. H. Murray.

MacInnes made the first winter ascent of Crowberry Ridge Direct and of Raven's Gully on Buachaille Etive Mòr with Chris Bonington in 1953. He designed the first all-metal ice axe, and is credited with introducing the short ice axe and hammer with inclined picks for Scottish winter work in the early 1960s. He pioneered the exploration of the Glencoe cliffs for winter work with the Glencoe School of Winter Climbing and for many years led the area's Mountain Rescue team. He is recognised as having developed modern mountain rescue in Scotland, setting up the Search and Rescue Dog Association and the Avalanche Information Service, and inventing the MacInnes stretcher, which is used for rescues worldwide.In 1975, MacInnes was deputy leader to Bonington's Everest expedition, which included Dougal Haston and Doug Scott.

Although never an official member, MacInnes climbed extensively with the Creag Dhu, the notorious Glasgow-based climbing club as well as with the rival Aberdeen clubs and joined forces with Tom Patey to make the first winter traverse of the Cuillin Ridge on Skye. MacInnes is known as the "Fox of Glencoe" for his cunning as a mountaineer. He was inducted into the Scottish Sports Hall of Fame in 2003 and received the Scottish Award for Excellence in Mountain Culture in 2008

He has been involved with a number of films, as climber, climbing double and safety officer, including The Eiger Sanction and The Mission, and has written numerous books on mountaineering, including the International Mountain Rescue Handbook, regarded as the standard manual worldwide, and Callout, his classic account of his experiences leading the Glencoe Rescue team.

The Eiger Sanction is a 1975 cult American action thriller directed by and starring Clint Eastwood. Based on the novel of the same name by Trevanian, the film is about a classical art professor and mountain climber who doubles as a professional assassin, and who is coerced out of retirement to avenge the murder of an old friend. Note that the Eiger Sanction has a 15 certificate, so is only suitable for persons 15 or older.





THURSDAY EVENING 28th November 2013 BONAR HALL (Ustinov Room)



Matilda Brown is a Scottish based composer who writes for theatre, film and dance. She also performs with her own ensemble. She is currently working with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, the RSNO and Drake Music Scotland.

Matilda has been walking in the mountains and running across the fells all her life. Her mountain journeys are the connection to and inspiration for her music. This passion has had a deep and lasting effect on her music and continues to influence projects she undertakes as a composer.

Matilda's ensemble will perform an eclectic mix of jazz/classical/folk instrumentals and songs. The music is inspired by Matilda's multiple day mountain journeys through the Highlands of Scotland. A slideshow of photographs (from trips 2009-2013) have been carefully integrated into the musical performance.

Not only does Matilda respond to the events that happen on her trips, but she also captures the atmosphere that can engulf us when we reflect on our memories through walking or under the canvas of a tent or a roof of a bothy.

The players:
Matilda Brown: Piano, guitar, vocals, computer/samples
Graeme Stephen: Jazz guitar, loops
Jo Nicholson: Clarinet/bass clarinet
Mairearad Green: Accordion
Chris Wallace: Drums

Whitfield Community Choir, Conductor: Sarah Harrop, Dundee.

Nick Rawle: Photography



The Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour (Part 1).



Film Germany, 2012, 3 min, Directed and Produced by Danny Strasser

French daredevil and high-roller, Jean-Yves Blondeau, flies down mountain roads wearing his own invention: a futuristic body suit covered with 31 wheels.




Film USA, 2012, 23 min, Directed by Dan Ransome and Produced by John Harlin III and Rich Rudow

The Grand Canyon is an immense place, almost unfathomable in scale, and one of the last places in the American west to be explored. Deep within this vast wilderness run concealed tributaries, hiding some of the Canyon's most remarkable features – enchanting slot canyons and the secrets deep within their walls. Trailer below.



Film Australia, 2012, 44 min, Directed by Justin Jones and Produced by Justin Jones, Greg Quail and Doug Howard

Australian adventurers, James Castrission and Justin Jones, dare to tackle the perilous journey across Antarctica to the South Pole and back again, completely unassisted – just two men dragging their food and shelter across 1140 kilometres of barren ice. Many have tried - all have failed. After much planning and preparation, Cas and Jonesy arrive to tackle one of the last great Antarctic odysseys, but discover an eerie similarity to Captain Scott’s race to the South Pole: there’s a Norwegian on the ice. He’s more experienced, he’s tackling the same record, and he has a head start. See trailer below.


BREAK Exhibitions and refreshments



Scottish climber and mountain guide Sandy Allan’s first Himalayan climbing was on an Alpine style attempt on the North face of Thameserku in the Khumbu Himalaya. Since then he has many ascents to his name, some of the better known including Muztagh Tower, Pumori, Shivling, Cho Oyo, Lhotse West Summit and Everest.
In 2009 he became the first Scotsman to climb Nanga Parbat. First explored by British mountaineer Albert Mummery, who died on the mountain in 1895, Nanga Parbat became the focus of German and Austrian climbers between the first and second world wars and after 1945; it was finally conquered by Hermann Buhl in 1953.

Sandy is also responsible for many outstanding first ascents in the Scottish Highlands. A typical example was with Andy Nesbit, a continuous 40 hour push to climb one of Scotland’s early grade VIII climbs, “The Rat Trap” on Creag An Dubh Loch, a climbs which remain unrepeated today.

Sandy along with Rick Allen from Aberdeen, completed the first traverse of Nanga Parbet’s 9km long Mazeno Ridge containing seven 7,000m summits and finishing on the 8126m mountain top. The expedition took 18 days and initially involved three ropes of two. By day 14 (on which they submitted) Sandy and Rick had run out of food and water and both suffered frostbite.

Sandy and Rick became the first Scots to receive the prestigious Piolet d’Or award.




Film Scotland, 2013, 16 min, Filmed and Directed by Benjamin Sadd - World Premiere

With only a blanket, 200 grams of oats, a knife and a ‘specialist’ tool each and the knowledge hastily scrounged from books and a three hour foraging course, a group of guys set out to spend a week in “Britain’s Last Wilderness”. See the trailer below.

Britain's Last Wilderness - Teaser from The Trail To Anywhere on Vimeo.



Film Scotland, 2013, 42min, Filmed and Directed by Paul Diffley

Andy Cave is a British mountaineer who grew up in Royston, a small coal mining village in South Yorkshire. On leaving school with few qualifications at 16, he followed family tradition and began work as a miner. This period also saw him begin climbing on the local Peak District crags. The miners’ strike (1984–1985) gave Andy the opportunity to devote his time to climbing. Andy has climbed extensively in the Alps and the Himalaya and was nominated for the Piolet d'Or for his ascent of the North Face of Changabang. This film features Andy climbing in his favourite environment - the Scottish Winter.See the trailer below! This film won the People's Choice Award at the Kendal Mountain Festival a few weeks ago



Film Scotland, 2013, 10min, Filmed and Directed by Matt Brown - Scottish Premiere

In the 1930s, Beinn Ghlas, near Killin, was the centre of the Scottish skiing universe, and some of the first ever Scottish ski races were held on its slopes. The advent of purpose-built ski resorts in the 1950s caused the crowds to drift away, but now, thanks to resurgence in the popularity of ski touring, the area is back on the map. In the spring of 2013, five friends set up camp at Beinn Ghlas and set out to ski some of its historic lines. This is their story - and the story of the people who skied there before them. Still photographs courtesy of Mike Guest. See trailer below.

Mountain Goat Collab: The Beinn Ghlas Project Trailer from STAUNCH INDUSTRIES on Vimeo.



Film Scotland, 2013, 2 min, Filmed and Directed by Stefan Morrocco

The trailer for the following film, featuring alternative trails around Perth, which of course, is the Fair City! See if you can recognise all the Perth landmarks! Remember, please ask permission before cycling in carpet shops and outdoor shops.




Film Scotland, 2013, 4 min, Filmed and Directed by Stefan Morrocco

The Fair City Enduro is a multi-stage mountain bike race organised by Muckmedden, which starts and finishes in Perth, Scotland (The Fair City). There are timed, predominantly downhill stages on the best forest trails surrounding the city, and a final ”Special Stage” in Perth itself. Fancy dress, fun and serious racing and social events for all the family, make this a great weekend out.



Film Scotland, 2013, 2min, Filmed and Directed by Stefan Morrocco

Morrocco Media ( have been capturing the first ever series of ski mountaineering races held in Scotland, organised by Skimo Scotland ( This is the trailer for a film that will come out in the summer of 2014 based on the 2013 and 2014 events. Ski mountaineering racing combines athletic skiing with mountaineering skills incorporating technical ascents and descents. There are different types of courses ranging from vertical sprints when racers skin uphill over a set distance to courses that have short steep sections which require the racers to put their skis on their backpacks; all combined with technical downhill sections. Racers are supplied with an equipment list which must be carried over the distance.


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We welcome Dundee’s own Jim Crumley to the Festival, this with his personal view of Scotland’s mountains: ‘From Stirling to Suilven’.

Whilst Jim is an acknowledged authority on Scotland’s mountains, his vast body of work includes no less than 25 books, including novels and poetry, and he is well-known as a regular contributor to TV, radio, The Courier and Scots Magazine.

Jim describes his philosophy on writing about the outdoors as follows: ‘I have evolved a writer’s territory over the years, an idea that occurred to me while watching a pair of golden eagles over several years. Its purpose is to try and understand nature better by re-working the same set of circumstances, the same landscapes, seeking intimacy, asking nature to share its secrets. All the work, all the travels, all the thousands of hours of vigils, have only end product – I do it all to write it down. And the more I can write down while I am in nature’s company – like a plein air painter – the better and more convincing the writing.’




The Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour (Part 2).



Film USA, 2011, 4 min, Directed and Produced by Ross Downard

Mountain biker? Just try to keep up with Lily - go ahead we dare ya! See trailer below




Film France, 2012, 23min, Directed and Produced by Vladimir Cellier, Julien Nadiras and Guillaume Broust

Being stuck in traffic has never seemed so enchanting! A superb soundtrack of traditional music takes us to a remarkable spot that offers climbers from all over the world no fewer than 250 pitches on delicious limestone walls. Trailer.



Film Canada, 2012, 16 min, Directed by Darcy Wittenburg and Produced by Ian Dunn

The world of mountain biking has many communities. And while different riders follow different lines, they all end up in the same place. Tyre to ground, foot to pedal, hand to bar - people drawn together by trails of dirt. Come join us! See trailer.



Film USA, 2012, 6 min, Directed by Ben Knight and Produced by Travis Rummel

This short but sweet piece of visual and musical poetry builds to a climax of traditional JapaneseTaiko drumming and swirling snow that will envelope you! Check out the trailer.




Film USA, 2012, 33 min, Directed and Produced by Josh Lowell, Peter Mortimer, Nick Rosen and Alex Lowther

Alex Honnold is a bit of an enigma. He’s become known as the boldest free-climbing soloist of his generation, but how does he balance pure ambition with self-preservation? Alex wrestles with this question in preparation for his biggest adventure yet – the Yosemite Triple: Mt. Watkins, El Capitan and Half Dome. Marvel at the trailer!




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Scottish couple, Hamish and Anne Gow, created history in 1965 when they became the first kayakers to make the treacherous 40-plus mile sea journey from the Western Isles to the mystical islands of St. Kilda.
Now, 47 years later, BBC ALBA is on hand to witness two women from the Isle of Lewis, Dolina Swanson and Christine Stewart, attempt to recreate this historic voyage.

Filmed during May and June 2012, Trusadh: St Kilda and the Kayak Girls, charts Dolina and Christine’s efforts, following them from the design of the boat through to the journey onto the precarious waters.

Armed with the original boat plans, the Stornoway Canoe Club on the Isle of Lewis – of which both Dolina and Christine are members – commissioned the experienced local boat builder, Angus Smith, to re-create the Clyde double kayak. Made of plywood and canvas, the kayak is a far cry from the modern equipment used by clubs across Scotland and with the build only starting in May, time is not on Dolina and Christine’s side.

St Kilda and the Kayak Girls goes on to chart both the success of the build and whether they can go on to complete one of Scotland’s truly great historic sea crossings – all told with the help of an interview with Hamish Gow detailing the original journey along with his own classic cine footage and stills.




Film UK, 2012, 30min, Directed and Produced by Jen Randall

'Push It' is the story of filmmaker Jen Randall and her new-found climbing partner Jackie Sequeira preparing for their first ever big wall - El Capitan in Yosemite, which goes far from smoothly from start to finish. Along the way, Jen visits some of her climbing heroines for inspiration, including Mina Leslie-Wujastyk bouldering in Magic Wood, Switzerland; Scotland’s Natalie Berry sport climbing in Malham, Yorkshire; and a local hero Vicki Mayes trad climbing in Dunkeld, Scotland. Two years in the making, overcoming broken bones, awful weather, a lack of funds and several crisis of confidence, 'Push It' is a film about testing your limits and chasing adventure.



Film Australia, 2011, 45 min, Directed and Produced by Tim Cope - UK Premiere

In June 2004 Tim set off on an epic journey, 10,000km from Mongolia to Hungary by horse - a journey that eventually took him more than three years and led him on a deep journey into the fabric of nomad society on the Eurasian Steppe. During his life on the Eurasian Steppe, Tim endured temperature extremes from scorching heat in the deserts of Kazakhstan to sub-zero temperatures in the Carpathian mountain passes - with only his three horses, dog Tigon and the big open sky for company. Despite the harsh conditions, loneliness, prowling wolves and horse-thieves, Tim encountered a warm hospitality from those he met along the way. Such is the life of a nomad.

This film won the Peoples Choice Banff, 2011, Grand Prize Vancouver Festival 2012 and Prize of the Jury Graz 2010. Tim will be present to introduce his film and take questions. The film is a UK premiere. See trailer of the film below.

Tim will also be present to sign and sell copies of his book, On The Trail of Genghis Khan: An Epic Journey Through the Land of the Nomads, which won the Grand Prize at Banff last month. Tim will also sell copies of his epic latest book, On The Trail of Genghis Khan: An Epic Journey Through the Land of the Nomads, which won the Grand Prize at Banff last month.



BREAK Exhibitions, refreshments and People’s Choice Film Award



Kenton Cool is one of the world’s leading alpine climbers with eleven Everest Summits to his name as well as other incredible achievements. Cool is the first European to summit Everest eleven times and the first non-Asian to summit twice in one week. He also sent the first Tweet from the summit.

He has completed numerous successful expeditions to the greater ranges including Kilimanjaro, Denali in North America, Am Dablam in Nepal and Cho Oyu in Nepal/Tibet. In 2006, he made the first British ski descent of Cho Oyu and the third ever ski descent of Manaslu in Nepal in 2010 becoming the only Britain to ski down two 8000m mountains.

In March 2007, Cool led polar explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes on a successful attempt of the North face of The Eiger.[5]
In May 2008, Cool and Fiennes attempted to summit Mount Everest but Fiennes turned back 300m from the top. In 2009, Cool returned to Everest and successfully led Sir Ranulph Fiennes to the top. Both these expeditions raised over 3million pounds for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Last year, Kenton fulfilled the “The Olympic Games Pledge” (whereby a century old promise made by Great Britain to Baron Pierre de Coubertin to place a 1924 Olympic Gold Medal on the Everest summit was completed four weeks before the London 2012 Opening Ceremony)

And in May 2013 Kenton and Dorje Gylgen became the first mountaineers to summit the three mountains of the Everest Horseshoe, Nuptse (7681m), Everest (8848m) and finally Lhotse (8516m). The ultimate three peaks challenge!















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